On October 1, 2015, Patrick Formby took the reins of Top-Flight Maintenance, Inc. from Bob Rizzuto and endeavored to fill the big shoes of this legend of a man. It is the values of Bob Rizzuto and Top-Flight that attracted Patrick Formby to the business. Patrick and his wife Julie (Office Manager) are honored and pleased to carry on this amazing legacy along with Bob's son Tony and his wife Rachel.

Bob Rizzuto founded Top-Flight Maintenance, Inc. in 1997 as a family business, specializing mainly in lawn & landscape. Later Bob's wife Donna, sons Tony and Buddy and their wives, and daughter Evelyn joined the business. Together they expanded the scope of work to include janitorial services, snow removal, window washing, and small maintenance projects for businesses in Cheyenne. Bob was a man of deep conviction, honesty and integrity- willing to do the right thing no matter the cost to himself. He built Top-Flight into a business that excels in top-of-the-line quality, top-notch service, and top-of-mind availability to its customers.

Top-Flight Maintenance, Inc. prides itself on many things, but the one that stands out above all others is our SERVICE.

Within a moment's notice we will handle any problem that may arise. In one telephone call your issues and requests, no matter the size, are handled thoroughly and speedily.

Our service stands alone and is second to none- it is TOP-NOTCH.

At Top-Flight Maintenance, we strive to take excellent care of our customers and this is evident by the many referrals that our customers give to their colleagues.

As the customer, you are our TOP PRIORITY!

We offer TOP-OF-THE-LINE quality in our work.

For all of these reasons, we are TOP-OF-MIND in availability to our customers.


Bob & Donna Rizzuto

Bob & Donna Rizzuto

Patrick & Julie Formby

Patrick & Julie Formby